Homografiska Museet shows the world where representation, diversity and variation is the key. History has always had a tendency to be subjective depending on who is listening and who is the one to tell. Our love for storytelling gives you this museum. Our collection is available to the public were we have exclusive and unique pieces that makes the foundation of our museums operation. We administrate, preserve and develop Homografiska Museet’s collection of artefacts as to be art, objects, documents and archive records that are compassionately donated or bought through the years.

You can take part of our collection in our physical museum or online where you have access to audioguides, videos and our complete collection of artefacts.

History has always been subjective

Homografiska sommar
Homografiska höst
Homografiska vinter
Homografiska vår


Aug 15th–Sep 11th


Homografiska Museet
Hemslöjdsvägen 2
666 94 Dals Långed